Hello Friends, once again very much welcome to your own website (technology24india.blogspot.com) in this post today, what is the best way to get free traffic on blogger site?  Will tell the complete information in English.  So certainly read this article from beginning to end

What is the best way to get free traffic to blogger site? in 2021
free traffic to blogger site

What is the best way to get free traffic on Blogger site

Hello, users! Have you made your own blog? After creating a blog, if the traffic on your blog is not coming in the right way? So you must have been upset in such a situation and must have thought a lot about it, friend or someone who can tell me how to increase traffic on the blog? Friends, today we will tell you how to increase traffic on the block?

How to Blog help from mobile best trick of blog

See friends, there will be many ways to bring users to the blog and you do not necessarily have to adopt all the methods to get traffic to your blog or website, this implies you. That you select one of our methods. Or all the way friends it just and all you mean.

Look guys, whenever you talk about the visitor or the traffic on your blog. So it means a little easier. That is the most organic way users come to your website. And if you want to open your blog or website in an organic way, then you have to do the same thing for it. Who else is SEO, or Search Engine Optimization.

How to get Social Media Se Traffic?

Friends, in today's date, social media like facebook, whatsapp, twitter, instagram, or youtube, who does not use all this? Almost everyone uses the smartphone that everyone holds. In such a situation, according to you, social media can increase the traffic on your blog by using the social media which seems right, by the way, people say that people give too much time on facebook. So, you can use facebook to increase traffic on your blogger. There are millions of groups on facebook, post all your articles in them.

 You can join realiyed groups ko from your blog.

How is SEO (Search Engine Optimization) done?

Now you will say that if friends explain it well, then I tell you you in a good way? There is as much search engine as friends. They make their own rules. And according to the same rules, as many websites as there are in the world. Ranks him on the main page of his search engine. So if you also want to make your website a search engine. So for this, according to the search engine, you arrange all the items of your blog. So that the ranking can be good and when the ranking of your blog will be the best, then you can bring good traffic to your blog. And your heart will be overwhelmed.

You know that, in the beginning, traffic did not come on my blog and I was very upset. But as I got to know and learned a lot. If friends, you also want to bring traffic. And wants to do SEO. So read this article carefully

 How to use keywords planner 

Friends, tell you that if friends, you will also prove to be 100% help in bringing traffic to your blog. That is the topic on which you want to write first. So before writing, you can search reality keyword from that topic on Google. And you can use those keywords in the article, so that your own article will start ranking on the first page.

 Easily create Email Marketing Se Blog Traffic

Friends, email marketing is the evergreen way. Which can increase traffic to your blog. So friends, you must try that, after signing up the email id as easy as possible, keep it organized so that it makes sense to you.

 How to createGuest Post Se Blog Traffic

Friends, guest post is also one such way. That you can increase the traffic on your blog in an easy way, now you friends will ask what is this guest post? Then I will tell you the complete information about it.

Whenever you write a good article on a blog, according to the niche of that blog, it is made public by the owner of the blog on his blog. So that is called guest post, it would be that in the free you get a good backlinks and this leads to the best ranking of your blog.

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