If you are blogging and do not know what is Backlink and what is its use and how to make it, then today I will give you complete information about it.

What is Backlink? how to create it Backlink? for Beginners in 2021
What is Backlink?

how to create it Backlink? for Beginners in 2021

If you are blogging, you must have heard the name of Backlink.

Any blogger needs to know about the backlink. Whoever it is, if he does not know about backlinks, he will not know SEO as well.

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So in this post today, we will talk about Backlink and I will try my best to explain the sari related to Backlink easily. So you read this post completely.

What is a backlink?

When a web page has a link to another web page, that link is called a backlink.

Any user who comes to that web page can directly go to that other web page with the help of that link.

SEO has three parts. One of which is off-page SEO. And the main job of Off-Page SEO is to create backlinks.

Backlink was also a big ranking factor before and even today it is a big ranking factor but google gives importance to content first.

When should backlinks be made?

There is no time to create a backlink and no number. But how do you know under which circumstances you should make backlinks?

So the answer is that you have to focus on the backlink when you are working on a niche in which competition is more.

People ask you to use SEMrush or any other tool to know the competition of keywords of a niche.

But you can do this work like this.

When most brands blog (such as a big news site) in the top 10 results on that keyword or rank ANC sites whose domain authority (with Moz tool) is around 50, then you will need to backlink to such keywords.

But if there is good content on that page of big blogs then it is very difficult to rank your blog even if you make good backlinks.

But if you are ranking very small blogs on a keyword, then you will not need a backlink.

But whatever the situation, the backlink will always help you rank.

Benefits of creating a backlink? 

There are huge benefits of creating backlinks. There are many benefits to your blog, there are two types of benefits from any backlink.

1. Good rankings are found in Google

Backlinks off-page are part of SEO. And the main purpose of creating backlinks is to rank the website first or a good position for a keyword in google.

Backlinks are a strong signal for Google and help to give google the right ranking for the website.

2. Your website gets traffic

As I have told you a backlink is created when a site gives a link to another site on its site and anyone can come from that blog to your blog with the help of this link.

You can bring traffic to your blog with its help. If you create a link on the ANC site which has good traffic, then it can also bring traffic to your blog.

Because when someone comes to that blog, then there is a lot of possibilities that it will come to your blog by clicking on the link that is given to your blog and you too will get some traffic with the help of it.

3. Authority of your domain increases

If a site is already good in the eyes of Google and if it gives you a backlink, then the ranking of the blog will be greatly improved.

Having a good backlink profile of any site has many advantages besides SEO.

Moz Bar is a tool that largely tells you the right authority of the domain.  It is a Chrome extension tool available that lets you check many things with Domain Authority, Page Authority, and Spam Score.

You should not create a backlink on any ANC site which has a lot of spam score.

Backlink Type

The backlink is of two types and depends on its HTML structure. There are two types of backlink

1. Do-Follow Backlink

Only by creating a Do-Follow backlink can you quickly increase the authority of a site. The site benefits the most from creating a Do-Follow backlink.

If you see the Html tag of any Do-Follow Backlink, then it will look like something.

Any site should focus on creating this backlink. Because if Google's Crawler comes to a site and if you see the link of your site or blog with this structure, then it follows this link and comes to your blog.

Meaning that a crawler is coming from that site to your site, so there is a trust transfer from that blog to your blog. Because Crawler has come to your blog from that blog, so Google also increases your authority.

2. No-Follow Backlink

Its Html structure is something like this

The benefit from this backlink is very low. This will not help your blog much, but you also have to make a backlink. Take advantage of what you can by creating this backlink.

Apart from this, the other advantage of this will be that both types of the backlink will be created of your blog and Google will not consider your site as a spamming site.

If you create the same type of backlink, google will feel that you are doing black hat SEO and it should not increase the authority of your site and it will not rank your site either.

The reason you don't get much benefit from this backlink is that it has rel = "nofollow" in its structure.

This is a tags tag that tells the crawler whether to follow that link or not, whether to follow that link and go to that blog.

Here is real = "nofollow" which tells the crawler that you do not have to follow this link and it is understood by its name that does not follow nofollow.

This does not prevent the crawler from coming to your site and does not transfer the trust it should have. You don't get much benefit from this backlink.

How to know the type of backlink

If you want to find out if there is a link to follow or no follow then how will you find it.
  • So it's very easy.
  • You can do this from any browser on any desktop or laptop.
  • First of all, you have to go to that web page.
  • After that, you have to right-click on that link.  And after that, you have to click on inspect.
As soon as you click on inspect, you will see inspect mode on the screen in which you will also see the Html tag of the link.

If the link has a no-follow attribute then it is a nofollow backlink and if there is no attribute or Nofollow is an attribute it is a do-follow backlink.

Best Backlink Building Strategies

Now it comes to how we can create a backlink, so here are some ways that you can create a backlink.

1.Guest Posting

You must first choose a blog that is good and related to your blog. You have to contact the admin of that blog and persuade him to permit the guest post.

Also, you will have to maintain the condition that if you write in guest post free, then you will take follow backlink for your blog.

If he permits you to do a guest post, then you write a good article and give it to him and you insert your link do as follows in it. If he publishes this post on his blog then you will get a Powerful do follow backlink.

2. Broken Link Building

To make a backlink in this manner, you will have to work a little bit.

First of all, we know what a broken link is, so when there is an anal link on a web page that shows a 404 error, then it is a broken link.

And broken links are also not good for SEO and should be fixed quickly.

If you find a broken link on a blog post and you have published the same content as the content of the webpage of the link, then you can contact the author of the blog and tell that it is a broken link and it should be You can suggest replacing the link with the link of your website.

If you do not find the broken links manually, then you can find the broken links of any sites using the broken link checker tools.

3. Link Exchange

Backlink exchange is wrong by google. But this is wrong when you exchange links without any relevancy.

Relevant websites are those which are on the same topic or the same topic, or if they write on relevant topics.

If you give a backlink to a relevant site and take a backlink from the same site.

4. Create a link on Wikipedia

If you want, you can also create a backlink from Wikipedia, but it will become a no-follow backlink. Wikipedia is a very large website that contains information.

But it is not just about Wikipedia itself to keep this much information updated. That's why Wikipedia asks its users to edit their content.

You refer to a post Wikipedia related to your post or blog and while editing it, give your link. This will give you a backlink.

5. Comment Backlinks

A long time ago, comment backlinks were useful. But this made it difficult for google to detect quality backlinks.

People used to spam comments and create backlinks. So the backlink crawling was not done properly and google would give value to the backlinks which were not relevant.

That's why Google introduced the nofollow backlink attribute in the year 2005.

But comment backlinks also have value and you should create a comment backlink properly.

6. Forum Backlinks

Forums (such as quora etc.) are a way to bring traffic to the website, not to create backlinks.

Think about one thing, why would google think that the link has some value from the site where millions of backlinks are going to the other site.

And the other thing is that the links that are made in most forums are no-follow. You must use forums but not for backlinks for traffic.

7. Profile Building Sites

Many websites on the Internet give you the option of adding a profile to it by creating a profile. But those sites neither have any traffic nor do they have a good link profile of their own.

And those sites themselves are like spam. Therefore, you should stay away from these types of sites.

Yes, you can add a profile and link to the website by those sites whose domain authority is good and they have good traffic, and whose spam score is negligible.

The conclusion

If you are new to blogging this time, then you should focus on writing content. It is good if you do not think too much about the backlink. You will not rank even if your content is not good and even if you create a backlink.

In today's time, it is easy to create a No Follow backlink but it is not easy to create a Do-Follow Backlink. It takes a lot of time to create a Do-Follow Backlink, so if you sit down with the backlink from the beginning, then all your time will be spent in it and you will not be able to write content well or learn other things related to SEO.

Backlink helps to rank your article in google, does not make it rank. Your On-Page SEO means you rank content written by you.

In this post, I have tried my best to tell you what Backlink is and I hope you know how to make Backlink, In English.

If you liked this post, then do let me know by commenting. If you have any questions about Backlink, SEO, and Blogging, then you can ask us in the comments. I will answer your question.